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    Isn't it time for Tamarisk's Oral Drug delivery? Our innovative SSNe technology provides up to 95% of the therapeutic payload by oral administration and is NOW AVAILABLE!
  • Oral Insulin Finally Realized

    "Once in a lifetime, a technology comes along with the true potential to change the world. This is one of those technologies". Contact us today to find out more about Tamarisk's SSNe oral drug delivery.
  • Oral PYY 3-36 by Tamarisk Technologies

    Find out about the successful encapsulation of Peptide YY 3-36 in Tamarisk's oral delivery system. Get the Full Report Now! Licensing available!
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    Tamarisk's New Plastic Naturally Degrades in 30 Days!

    Find out what they are saying about our new plastic. Licensing Now Available!

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First promotional video for an innovative oral drug delivery system by Tamarisk Technologies Group.

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With an unyielding commitment to research and the development of superior biotechnologies, Tamarisk Technologies was founded in 2008 by Dr. Daniel Debrouse with the mandate to release strategic ...

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